Previous Events

15-November-2015 (3rdReality[LAN] XXXVII)

LAN 36 Rocked!
If you have never played it then I suggest you go play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
This game is mega fun & only resulted in few deaths
Massive thanks to Martin & Lucy for bringing this along


08-August-2015 (3rdReality[LAN] XXXVI)

Dudes & Lucy, LAN 36 was great fun
We played more new games than ever before, yet still spent less time installing stuff than normal!
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we all now know not to stand too close to Mr Pokey when Playing TTT as he gets a bit trigger happy.
Hope to see you all next time for ever more silliness


21-March-2015 (3rdReality[LAN] XXXV)

Ladies & Gentlemen, LAN 35 happened!
As you can see from the title of this update, LAN 35 has been and gone
If you cam along, then thank you you made it a great day. If you didn't come and join in, you suck and it spoiled the day for everyone else as we were all looking forward to seeing you there.


30-June-2012 (3rdReality[LAN] XXVII)

This was a good event made better by the fact it was a BBQ LAN. UT3 performed well in its 1st outing & will probably become a staple of the next few LANs. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves & we all looking forward to the next LAN in November.


30-January-2010 (3rdReality[LAN] XIX)

This was a good start to 2010's LANs, & despite a few hiccups & that fact that OFDR was a bit pants a good time was generally had by all


05-December-2009 (3rdReality[LAN] XVIII)

This was a great LAN & good way to end our 2009 campaign. Every one appeared to have a great time & was really please to hear that the next LAN was already booked for 30th Jan.

Hopefully the CSC bunch will be able to come along next time so we can all go back to getting our arses handed to us by the pros...


07-November-2009 Fireworks

oooh, aaah, bang, fizzle, oooh, pop, ahhh, booom, ohhh, kaboom-fizzle-pop. Clap, Clap , cheer, Boom, hooray!


18-July-2009 (3rdReality[LAN] XVII)

Well the food idea seemed to work really well & everyone appeared to enjoy themselves, so all in all it was a success.
We might even manage a proper barbecue next year provided Mike actually gets off his arse & helps cook it


25-April-2009 (3rdReality[LAN] XVI)

To all of you that turned up I would like to thank you making it another fun day, the rest of you all smell of poo.


17-January-2009 (3rdReality[LAN] XV)

The one where lots of people said they would come & then did!!!

"It was great" - Martin Webster

06-September-2008 (3rdReality[LAN] XIV)

The one where lots of people said they would come & then didn't...

This was a bit of a quiet one, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Us admins had been a bit more organised than usual so most people knew what games to have installed & very little time was wasted trying to get the files for the next game.

This left us a lot more time for throwing ideas out to you guys to mull over, such as the possibility of having a Guitar Hero tournament next time.

This idea seems to have caught most people imagination so I'm looking forward to getting some good photos of people rocking out to GH:3 next time.


03-May-2008 (3rdReality[LAN] XIII)

THE 'bigger than the last one but still not as big as a couple of LAN's ago' ONE!

Yet another morning/lunch/afternoon/evening of mindless killing, pizza hut, trackmania and more Mindless killing!
The day started with the usual antics of 'oh, for f**k sake! why won’t my bloody PC work!' and 'Wheres pip with the power-leads?'

After all this fun we decided to play some games...

We started with a little Farcry but this soon turned into quite a lot of Farcry! After the Farcry we moved over to the real games... (I know Farcry is a real game... I was just making fun of it because I can!) and played rather a lot of CS:Source!!!
Luckily this time there was no $ubs on the server to win as he was hosting the Dedicated and couldn't play at the same time... which was sad... but uber cool that he had a dedi for us to use! But on the good meant that I owned everyone!

After the CS:Sing was finished we took a quick pizza break and ended the pizza break with a blast on Call of Duty 4.
CoD4 was new to the LAN parties, but was awesome and is stupidly good. I sense it will now become a regular for LAN parties. I'd recommend you go and buy it if you haven't already... I did!

As the evening went on gradually people started to leave 1 by 1 but the games continued with some Trackmania Nations Forever... always a classic but most of us were so bad at it that we didn't even complete a level!!

Final game of the evening was Joint Ops Escalation; back to the usual work as a team, keep your team alive and kill everyone else!

All in all a very fun and enjoyable LAN party

Over and Out


26-Jan-2008 (3rdReality[LAN] XII)

Hallo, and welcome to my Lan Party review

some people arrived earliy and waited for me (JoeFish) to arrive with John (TheOne/IKILLYOU!!) and all the network cables. Russel (Russ, if you really wondered...) brilliantly let us use his gigabit swich so after we all got wired in, we set about with the customary confusion, "Where are the files?" "Do i install all of these?" "Where's the any key?" Then we moved on to an engaging game of Farcry, which was a new game to the Lan, but was very well recived. Crys of 'Camper!' abounded thanks to the efforts of Rob (Guthwulf) and Pip. (Pip) Eventually we moved onto Unreal Tournament 2004, onslaught, with all of us united against the bots. This was a highly entertaining study in teamwork. Several unanswered crys for help later we broke for pizza, with Mike (Cpt_Darwin) getting a brilliant deal that provided us with an abundance of food. Whilst munching on Pizza we got sorted and got stuck into Counter-Strike:Source. Although we had a few technical 'Issues' we all eventually got well and truly going with some old skool gaming. This lasted almost the rest of the night with a short UT2K4 Deathmatch at the end.

Many thanks to Russel for selling us his gigabit switch and many thanks to all who attented.


12-May-2007 (3rdReality[LAN] X)


Mike (just because he’s here…doesn’t mean his computer works!)
Rob (avec server laptop!)
Johnn (with ISU2…yes, he broke his previously)
Pip (Brought the Bus, 2 very long power cables and Fish…and Dawn and the kids turned up for a bit as well…and left us cakes!)
Russell (Laptop of Death)
Mike...Sam...Mike...Sam (make your mind up! Ed.)
Fish (with fresh install so no probs this time!)
Ken (luckily I don’t have a virus!)
Martin (ooh…look at me...I have a new dual core processor!)
David (the LINUX man!)
Dave Mate – Made a brief appearance, had a cup of tea and played on some car games
David 2nd – (2 David’s and 1 Dave Mate! Confusing huh!?! Ed.) Johnn’s mate turned up sometime during the afternoon with not just one computer – Oh no, one’s just not enough for me, but a computer AND a laptop!

All turned out for a quieter but just as enjoyable afternoon/evening/night of general silliness, excitement, death, Mutilation…and Linux!
Afternoon started off with Mikes PC not working, Fish installing the games and Rob getting rage with windows vista. Then an attempt at battlefield 1942 – Desert combat, but due to Vista on robs laptop having the WOW factor (WOW…nothing works), Rob was unable to get a server running. This was promptly resolved by Russell starting a server for Unreal Tournament 2004 – ONSLAUGHT MODE. This resulted in the slaughter of many innocent bystanders and was a good session of mindless killing, mass mutilation and Mike even joined in for a couple of rounds as his PC had started to work! David watched and worked away on his power book creating what looks like a magic code that only he can decipher…but it was in fact only UNIX. (Note. I’m not trying to say that UNIX is easy! UNIX is not easy or understandable in any way shape or form!! Ed.)

Later on during the evening…some people went to get food from the garage over the road, so whilst that was happening…people unleashed the Quake 3 Arena! This is best summed up by one word…...CARNAGE!
The fury was unleashed…the Smackdown Laid and I got Pwned! Even Captain Linux joined us for a couple of rounds on Fish’s PC whilst he got some grub! or in the words or Cawol Thatcher…GWUB!
The Usual Festivities proceeded to go on…I had beers, ate (all the) pies and pot noodles, Russell and Mike...Sam...Mike...Sam (I’m just gonna call him cheese from now on! Ed.) played some mid-town madness and everyone watched, Martin and Aaron had a game on supreme commander, Rob swore at Vista and Mike did the rounds and said "Hi" to everyone present!

After all the frivolities people decided to indulge in a bit of Joint Ops. Teamwork is the name of the game…and Fish is making the most of the teamspeak server setup by Rob and Mike! (You mean he wouldn’t shut up! Ed.) Joint Ops was not to everyone’s fancy, so those who didn’t want to play indulged in a bit of Half-life 2: Deathmatch. Who knew throwing office furniture and toilets at someone would be so much fun, and then onto CounterStrike: Source.
This bought us up to 8pm which made people think of food! Some at this point decided to go and get Mc D’s and other used this time to share music, play fun little games and try to decide what the next big game everyone was gonna play was gonna be. Decision is made…Unreal Tournament 2004 - DEATHMATCH MODE!! As per previously…this involved slightly more death and mutilation, no teamwork but everyman for himself! Unfortunately by this point, my borrowed monitor had decided to stop working properly due to over heating and making my awesome background look rather silly…I was no more! (What a jackass! Ed.)
For the rest of the evening I just watched everyone play. I drank Beer, ate some (all the) fruit pies, had a cup of tea, scratched my nose and then got Pizza! I Rule! This bought us round to about 10 o’clock.
Russell, Cheese (I warned you earlier. Ed.), Aaron and Martin played a game on Command and Conquer 3 (ooh Shiny! Ed.) Looks like the other ones but slightly different! (And you have to have a MILLLION processors in your machine to run it! Ed.)
people quite merrily played there games…until everyone got bored, which was about 11.30…then out of nowhere came possibly the coolest game of the evening….Trackmania Sunrise.....a game that involves no real skill but a sense of fun as you have to drive cars around a track and try not to fall off or turn your car upside down….That is about it! That took us too the end of the night which was about 12.10am. So then the only thing left was the clear up!

So not a massive turn out but one that everyone had a really good time at!

On this note, we thank everybody for a great night…and Dawn for the Brilliant Cakes!

(WAIT A BLOODY MINUTE…where the hell was mAndy?!?!)


03-March-2007 (3rdReality[LAN] IX)

The BIG one!

Thanks to all that turned out for our largest event yet! We managed 19 people this time, which is quite a leap from the 4 of us that started out in the front room at no6 back in 2002. The choice of games went down well with most people and the running order of UT, followed by UT 2004, Then Joint Ops, then BF2 the Quake 3 went down quite will although we will be changing this for the next LAN. Our current thoughts are running to opening with Quake 3 whilst everyone gets setup, then moving on to UT 2004 for some onslaught killing, followed by BF1942 Desert combat. After that we will go for a bit of Jedi Outcast & then we'll top off the night with Joint Operations:Escallation. The only downside to the evenings entertainment was the fact that a few of us old farts wound up with a headache from all the noise so next time were asking for everyone to bring a headset instead of speakers. But regardsless we all had a fucking good time & will be doing it again as soon as I can get another day pass from the wife...


15-October-2005 (Boolery[LAN] VI)

A rather odd affair with a lot of killing involved (Mostly me being killed). Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves & the reduced price due to early closing went down better than expected. All of the usual crowd of hoodulums turned up & the killing kicked off around 4pm when the network switch turned up. We really should get our own gear at some point... The usual games were attacked with the usual aplomb & much swearing could be heard from the cheap seats during the obligatory round of Joint Ops. We have had several requests for friendly fire to be turned back on for next time. As a bit of a break from the norm (and reality) we introduced Jedi Knight 2 for a few rounds. This was enjoyed with a large amount of people going over to the dark side & strangling each other with the force...


05-March-2005 (Boolery[LAN] IV)

Well yet again all went well & the cakes went within seconds of the Pizza being finished. All seemed to enjoy themselves & no one actually got injured so, in our opinion, another great success! It was not such a good turnout as some previous events but this gave us the change to make the killing more personal & let those grudges really build up. We introduced a bit off old school killing by spending a happy hour or 2 playing quake 3 & then decided to gang up & kill mAndy for being a camping git (He still whooped my ass, but it was fun). Joint Op's was looking set to be a really good team game until it degenerated into a TK fest that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
I wonder if I'll actually get to kill anyone next time...


27-November-2004 (Boolery[LAN] III)

Again a great day full of gaming and general slaying etc. Numbers attending were about the same as last time, but on this our 6th Lanfest we now have 29 people on the books hopefully everyone can turn up for the next one. A great time was had by all, with several new experiences for everyone. Joints ops was played for the 1st time and met with a mixed responce mostly good (teamwork might help next time :)) UT2004 also made its 1st appearance swallowing up at least 5 hours of the day if not more. Our usual feast changed slightly this time with less Pizza and more chicken and BBQ food aswell as some green icky stuff called vegetables. The food went down well, the veg was eaten but more meat and less roughage requested for next time. Gaming wise the Lowestoft crew gave everyone the usual as wuppin but not so badly this time, hopefully the rest of us stand a better chance on the next one :). Gratefull thanks to Area for providing the standalone server not to mention the switch that makes everything go so well. We're almost at a point where our own server gear will be upto the job maybe in the next couple of lans giving us the capacity to run several different games at once. With this in mind everyone ask around your m8s lets build up these numbers we seat and power up 50 in the current hall so lets try for it :).


07-August-2004 (Boolery[LAN] II)

More people turned up this time than previous ones and it was a good night for it but for some reason unknown to me there wasn’t any file transfering going on (Ed: that’s because we didn't tell you ). It was quite a shock to me that no one nicked any files off anyone unless it was to update a game they'd only just stuck on their PC. Luckily there weren’t any problems with the PC's either and the server we had which was provided by some one that came was very good. All games ran smoothly apart from the odd slow computers i.e. My computer and Fish's laptop but that’s understandable because they're pants. Pictures for this LAN event can be found here. Hope to see all previous people at the next LAN night again. It was a laugh. gg wp and all that gamers gibberish.