LAN 44 - 10th November

Games list & location
Ladies and Gentlemen, LAN is this coming Saturday!
Yet again we will be at 1st Drayton Scout Hut which can be found in behind the Frost Industrial Estate on Bidewell Close in Drayton. The postcode is NR8 6AP.
There is restricted parking just outside the hut, however we are allowed to use the main car park up at Frosts which is about 30 seconds walk from the hut.
A map to 1st Drayton Scout HQ is now available on the Location Page

After much deliberation (Approx. 30 seconds) Rob and I have decided on the list of games, or at least I have recycled the list from a previous LAN with only 1 or 2 superficial changes
We have a new entry on the games list so please head on over to the games page to check out the list and install anything you're not already playing.
As always please update steam and all of your steam games on Saturday morning before you come to LAN so we don't waste what little Internet access we have.

Hope to see loads of there on Saturday



As you are all aware 3rdReality LANs are by invite only, however if you know someone that you think would enjoy attending then please feel free to invite them along. All we ask is that you are willing to vouch for them, that you accept responsibility for them and that you let me know in advance.

Our aim with these LANs is to have a laugh with like minded friends and hopefully not spend all evening being cannon fodder, so please let me know if there are things that we could be doing to make these events more enjoyable for you.



Please make sure you have updated Steam, DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2, HalfLife 2 Death match and Counter Strike:Global Offensive before you bring your PC to the LAN as we have a 3GB download restriction


If any of you fancy checking out any other LANs that are happening about the place then have a look at
If you have found us through LANlist then please accept my apologies as 3rdReality LANs are by invite only


Please don't Upgrade!

Ever since the 1st 3rdReality[LAN] we have been plagued by the problem of people upgrading a couple of days before the LAN & then spending 1/2 of their time getting us admins to help fix their PC rather than gaming.
So to eliminate these problems we have a rule: No upgrading for 2 weeks before the LAN!
This should be long enough for you to have got your PC working properly before hand
So if you haven't fitted your new parts 14 days before the LAN please leave them out until afterwards