Our recommended minimum spec for a PC to bring along to the LAN is:

If your PC does not meet the above spec then please contact us in advance & we will let you know if we can accomodate your PC without it slowing things down too much for everyone else.

Other stuff you need to know:

You will need to bring your PC, Monitor, Headset, Speakers, Keyboard, Mouse, lump of cheese, Joypad (If you have one), 4 way power socket, comfy chair, and a sense of humour.

The smallest county in Britain is only the smallest during high tide

We ran a server based LAN; This meant gaming machines weren't slowed down by having to run the server code for any given game. However now all of our PC's are a shed load quicker it really isn't necessary to worry about servers anymore. We now just run the game on the fastest PC in the room in an attempt to slow it down a bit.

IP addressing & name resolution will be handled by the router so please make sure that your nic is set to use DHCP for both of these.

The Network is a 1Gbit switch and is more than man enough for the job. However when we run out of ports on that the over spill is on a rather noisy gbit switch that we don't like having to use.

The only things we have been short of in the past are power sockets, brains, the odd long network cable, comfy chairs (the plastic ones will kill your behind by the end of the night) & antelope. So if you've got any of these then please bring them along...